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Interactive And Multimedia Files
Bubb Rubb And Lil Sis Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis
The latest on the Internet superstars of 2003. Woooooo Woooooo!
HTML Format - Various File Sizes
Needs More Cowbell! More Cowbell!
Video from Saturday Night Live about Blue Oyster Cult's hit song, Don't Fear The Reaper.
WMV - Windows Media Format - 4.3 MB
The things cats do! The Things That Cats Do
You never know what to expect from our feline friends!
WMV - Windows Media Format - 2.7 MB
Do Not Poke The Cat! Do Not Poke That Cat!
Live video from a leopard relocation attempt. Be careful with that stick!
MPG - Windows Media Format - 3.1 MB
The things dogs do! The Things That Dogs Do
You never know what to expect from our canine friends!
MPG - Windows Media or MPG Player Format - 1.3 MB
Home Warehouse helped me! Home Warehouse Help
See how a simple flyer can change your life.
MPEG - Windows Media or MPEG Player Format - 2.2 MB
The things humans do! The Things That Humans Do
You never know what to expect from our human friends either! 1942 game footage ... EMINEM style.
WMV - Windows Media Format - 2.8 MB
Chip Shot Chip Shot
Funny commercial about golf clubs! This could ruin a good game. Rated PG.
MOV - Quicktime Media Format - 1.4 MB
AC-130 over Afganistan AC-130 Over Afganistan
Actual film footage of an AC-130 over Afganistan. Rated PG.
WMV - Windows Media Format - 5.5 MB
Stierkampf! Bullfight Gone Bad
Actual film footage of a bullfight gone wrong. Stierkampf! Rated PG.
WMV - Windows Media Format - 1.7 MB
White Trash Christmas A White Trash Christmas
For those who are celebrating, has celebrated, or want to celebrate a "White Trash Chirstmas".
HTML - Flash Format
The Freshest Salmon! John West Salmon
A funny commercial about canned salmon. John West really do go out of their way!
ASF - Windows Media Format - 380 KB
Trunk Monkey Trunk Monkey
Best upgrade for 2003 automobiles! Trunk Monkey!
MPEG Format 3.1 Mb
911 Remembering 911
A dedication to all who suffered. 911 will not be forgotten!
HTML Format
Personality Test Dalai Lama Personality Test
Give this a try and see how close we come to the truth, about you.
HTML Format
Site For Sore Eyes Card Trick The Site For Sore Eyes Card Trick
Can you figure out how we did this trick?
HTML Format
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