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Weird Memphis Sites More Info >>
The chances of Elvis being spotted in Memphis are higher than any other place in the world so why not take a look at what we have to offer. Unusual facts about a variety of subjects concerning Memphis and it's residents are provided at this site. Want to see some weird sites that will amaze or amuse you? Then say, "I'm all shook up" and click on the Elvis. Click here to learn more about our city.

UFO Sites More Info >>
This is the "area 51" of the Weird Wide Web section. Here you will find informative links about UFO sightings around the US as well as the world. From tales of encounters to pictures of the elusive disks, we provide you with the information and you decide for yourself. Do they really exist? Click on the UFO for more. UFO Sightings and Information

Planetary Mysteries More Info >>
Do you know about the face on Mars? What about the ancient structures on our own moon? Here is some more food for thought that again points to the question, "are we really alone". Read about the connection between Mars and Egypt, find answers to the effects on the upcoming planetary alignment and the pending asteroids threat. Just click on the planet and you will be transported to more planetary mysteries. Planets and Mysteries

Conspiracy & Folklore More Info >>
From the 60 greatest conspiracies of all time to the latest conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, we hope this will answer any questions you may have. Also included in this section is some of the greatest stories ever told about urban legends and other folklore. Click on JFK to examine the evidence and learn the truth. Conspiracies and Folklore

Another Point Of View More Info >>
From Art Bell to Leading Edge Research. We have the bases covered when it comes to information and research. A lot of people are spending valuable time searching for the answers to many unexplainable events so why not visit and see what they have to say and the proof offered to support their findings. Click on the magnifying glass to search for the truth. Another Point Of View

The Egypt Connection More Info >>
Have you ever read about the great pyramids of Egypt? Did you know that the Great Pyramid is also known as the Bible in stone? There are a lot unsolved mysteries on our own planet that will amaze you but this has to be one of the most fascinating. Click on the pyramid and enjoy. The Egypt Connection

Other Weird Sites More Info >>
Nostradamus, Bermuda Triangle, Prophetic Insights and much more await you in this area. It may be strange, but it could be true. Check out this area by clicking on the strange picture to the right. Other Weird Sites
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