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The Bible UFO Connection - Ancient Technology - Astronomy
Astronomy, considered to be the oldest of the physical sciences, is believed first developed to satisfy man’s need for recording time over the long term. By plotting the movement of the stars, sun, and moon, proper seasons and time periods could be recorded and predicted.
www, www www - Added: Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 11:31:30 (MST) EMAIL

Tour Of Chichen Itza
Explore the ancient ruins of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula built by the Mayan Civilization. They ruled the jungles of the Yucatan for over a thousand years. Ferocious warriors, the Maya fought the Spanish and held them in a stalemate for twenty years. Finally, in the end, they walked away from their pyramids and temples and returned to the fields leaving behind ruins that boggle the imagination. Who were the Mayans, what were their beliefs, and what happened to them? Follow the links above for answers to these questions and to find out how you can journey in the footsteps of this mysterious culture.
Yucatan Peninsula, Yucatan peninsula Mexico - Added: Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 10:37:39 (MST) EMAIL

Hubble Site
If you were stunned by the magnificent pictures gaseous, glowing nebulae and colliding galaxies that the Hubble Space Telescope recently captured, you'll want to check out the encore presentation appearing at the Space Telescope Science Institute's HubbleSite! Galileo first witnessed the beauty nearly four hundred years ago. Now it is time for a much closer look.
Space, Space USA - Added: Monday, February 24, 2003 at 15:32:03 (MST) EMAIL

The Shadowlands: Mysteries And The Unexplained
Planetary Mysteries and The Unexplained News: New Ghosts, Bigfoot, Sea Serpent Info plus new links and much more. UFO information as well.
Any City, Any State USA - Added: Wednesday, July 04, 2001 at 13:05:38 (EDT) EMAIL

Planetary Mysteries
Planetary Fact Sheets - Author/Curator:Dr. David R. Williams, NSSDC, Mail Code 633 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD 20771
Greenbelt, MD USA - Added: Wednesday, July 04, 2001 at 13:00:56 (EDT) EMAIL

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