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Hot Site for December 2004:
Brian Walker, Rocket Guy - This Oregon state inventor, flush with royalties from his successful "Air Bazooka" has decided to become the first human to launch himself into space from his backyard and return unharmed (he hopes.) Travel safely, Rocketboy, and happy landings.

Hot Site for November 2004:
525 Internet Radio at - Nothin' But The Hard Stuff - 525 Internet Radio is dedicated to bringing you the very best in hard rock and heavy metal radio via streaming audio on the internet. A Win Amp favorite station! This site is best experienced with WinAmp multimedia player. Download your free WinAmp player at and enjoy crisp clean music on the web!

Hot Site for October 2004:
Northeast Intelligence Network - The Northeast Intelligence Network website brings you up to date, cutting edge analysis of current events in the War on Terror. WOW! We couldn't have said that better! This site is rated M (for mature) due to the, "Disturbing" film footage. This site believes that America needs to know. Perhaps we should! Maybe our kids shouldn't.

Hot Site for September 2004:
Beliefnet - a multi-faith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting, captivating and engaging way. Not affiliated with a particular religion or spiritual movement and not out to convert you to a particular approach, but rather to help you find your own. Fundamental to their mission is a deep respect for a wide variety of faiths and traditions.

Hot Site for August 2004:
DefendAmerica - U.S. Defense Dept. War on Terror - is the United States Department of Defense Official Website on the War on Terrorism. Check here for the latest updates of the on-going battle.

Hot Site for July 2004: - This Land Is My Land. The latest rave on the Internet is the presentation featured on concerning the Bush versus Kerry campaign. This is some really funny stuff! Good thing Kerry has three purple hearts! Enjoy.

Hot Site for June 2004: - The Illuminati has become synonymous with the one world conspiracy. Conspiracy Archive will keep tabs on the New World Order. The word conspiracy, as it relates to this site, will be defined in the context of a scheme: to act in harmony toward a common end. As it has been known for centuries, "alchemists conceal in order to baffle the vulgar." This site exists for the sole purpose of penetrating the veil.
Food for thought? Let's keep an eye on this one!

Hot Site for May 2004:
Memphis In May 2004 - World Class Fun! More than an event. More than a month. Memphis in May: a state of mind, a month-long revelry celebrating the indigenous charms of Memphis and a different honored country each year. It’s cultural exchange at its best!

Hot Site for April 2004: - Free games to download for your PC! Card games, chess, pool, pinball, arcade, and many more. Inlcudes links to rules, game variations, and strategies. No pop-ups, no banners, no spyware, no registration!

Hot Site for March 2004:
AVG Antivirus - Free AntiVirus Protection. Top rated anti-virus software for free! I am currently evaluating the free version of this software and have read reviews that it is just as effective as Norton and McAfee's "pay for" service. If this is true, imagine what AVG's licensed versions can do! The site is receiving a lot of traffic and requests for downloads so, please be patient.

Hot Site for February 2004:
Computer Law Association - "Your Gateway To Internet And Technology Law Around The World". We found this site to be just as informative as it is intriguing! We found this article about Liability for Damage Caused by Selling Personal Information during an Internet search for information concerning the selling of information gathered using the Internet. The article shocked us and the site astounded us! Whew, at last! Internet Lawyers!

Hot Site for January 2004:
SpyBot - Search And Destroy - Spybot's Search & Destroy effectively detects spyware, adware, key loggers, Internet dialers, browser hijackers, and even some trojans! Download this freeware today and rid yourself of annoying pop-ups and spyware which can bring your P.C. to a crawl. You will be amazed at the number of files SpyBot will find. Donations are appreciated.

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