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Hot Site for December 2002:
HubbleSite - If you were stunned by the magnificent pictures gaseous, glowing nebulae and colliding galaxies that the Hubble Space Telescope recently captured, you'll want to check out the encore presentation appearing at the Space Telescope Science Institute's HubbleSite! Galileo first witnessed the beauty nearly four hundred years ago. Now it is time for a much closer look.

Hot Site for November 2002: - Satisfy your curiosity! Want to know how something works? Try this site out! Loads of information with photos, diagrams and descriptions of ... you name it. This could also be a good "Homework Help" site for you to reference in your time of need. Have fun learning!

Hot Site for October 2002: - Candystand has a huge variety of FREE online shockwave games including Sports, Arcade, Card, Multiplayer, Trivia, Extreme Sports and more. It just wouldn't be Halloween without a little candy(stand). Candystand is a free gaming site presented by Life Savers. Live! Play! Enjoy! - Favorites: Candy Drops - Billiards

Hot Site for September 2002:
911 Memorial - Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; all those who sacrificed their lives; and to the heroes that responded to the emergency on September 11th, 2001. Please be patient for the flash presentaion you are about to see is approximately 7 megabytes. The following Flash presentation was provided by

Hot Site for August 2002:
The Crop Circle Connector - With the debut of Mel Gibson's new movie Signs, we thought now would be a good time to provide you with a little information on the real crop circle formations discovered around the world. Fact or fiction? You decide. If you want to jump to the information on crop circles created so far this year, please visit this link and prepare yourself to be amazed. has earned our "ShooWhee" award for their breathtaking content!

Hot Site for July 2002:
RUSH: Vapor Trails - A "must see" website! This is how websites must be seen world-wide! An excellent use of sound and visual effects makes this journey into the world of music an exotic adventure. Visit and enjoy the many pleasures of the rock n roll ... RUSH style.

Hot Site for June 2002:
TIME Magazine: The Bombshell Memo - A "must read" document from! A TIME cover story on an explosive letter to the head of the FBI, Minneapolis agent Coleen Rowley acuses the agency of obstructing information that may have prevented the September 11th attack.

Hot Site for May 2002:
Memorial Day - Join and uncover the interesting history of the holiday we now call Memorial Day. Discover little-known facts about America's wars and stop by the Veterans' Forum message boards to share your views with veterans, their loved ones, and fellow history buffs.

Hot Site for April 2002:
Apple's QuickTime Movie Trailers - The best way to view movie trailers (and video) bar none! Apple's QuickTime Player delivers clean, crisp and fluid online video and sound. Enjoy the latest movie trailers, streaming TV and music videos. This site is a must see!

Hot Site for March 2002:
PC Mechanic - Wanting to learn more about computers? Wanting to build your own computer? PC Mechanic is loaded with information from the basics to advanced configuarations. This site is a must see for anyone seeking knowledge about computers and their peripherals. They have earned our Three snaps in a circle award !

Hot Site for February 2002:
Tax Calculator - Try this tax burden calculator from the America Needs Tax Relief web site! Not only is your income tax calculated, you will also find tax on gasoline, state sales tax and the average income for your state. To fully calculate your tax burden, you may also need to add tax you paid for property, tobacco, alcohol, excise taxes .... well at least its a start. This Federal Government web site promotes the idea of a flat income tax. Be sure to take a look at the Tax Facts section! Interesting.

Hot Site for January 2002:
InfiNETivity - MVInternet - Use MvInternet to connect your Multi-Value database to the World Wide Web using your own DATA/BASIC programs! Develop web pages using your favorite web authoring tool, insert a few hooks into the document and your web server will be running your DATA/BASIC programs to generate web content in no time. We had to give MVInternet five MOOs, tens stars, a WooWoo and our three snaps in a circle award for they are truly a site for sore eyes (and then some)! Excellent support for an excellent product is included!

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