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Hot Site for December 2001:
Everquest - The number one multi-player game on the Internet! First was Everquest, then The Ruins Of Kunark followed by The Scars Of Velious. Behold The Shadows Of Lucin! The most exciting addition to the Everquest gaming community! We had to give SONY and Everquest our three snaps in a circle award for they are truly a site for sore eyes!

Hot Site for November 2001:
GameSpy Arcade - Another useful tool for the online gamers! Here you will find a lot of online games available as well as an interface which allows you to chat, play and even download all at the same time. We just had to give this site our three snaps in a circle award for they are truly a site for sore eyes!

Hot Site for October 2001:
Art Bell's List Of Hot Links - Art Bell's web site with information and photos of the World Trade Center disaster, the Osama bin Laden game, photos of the disaster, strange happenings and much more. Were we warned of the events that happened on September 11th? Visit this site to learn more.

Hot Site for September 2001:
PlanetDescent - 360 Degrees of Freedom - An excellent and very comprehensive Descent site. They have just completed a site revision and things are looking good! If you've never been there before I highly recommend taking a look. There is a ton of stuff for fans of the Descent game series. Check here for information on the upcoming Descent4 and the latest patches.

Hot Site for August 2001: - Windows Registry Guide, formerly, provides an extensive range of registry tricks, tweaks & hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000! Get started by checking out the information at the following site. This site will open in a new browser window since it is not frames friendly!

Hot Site for July 2001:
Entertainment Weekly - The smartest link to entertainment! Entertainment Weekly's news, reviews, and opinions on movies, tv, video, music and books. Check the reviews before going to see the latest box office hit. It may not be a hit after all. The Site For Sore Eyes will be watching this area for information on sequels to our favorite movies like The Matrix and X-Men just to name a couple. Stay tuned!

Hot Site for June 2001:
Web Games at - The Internet's best downloadable and online PC games with streaming media demos, free downloads and full versions, with links to Java web based games and archives of over 5000 free games. Top ten lists, all available for download. ENJOY!

Hot Site for May 2001:
Memphis In May - Find information about Memphis In May festivals such as the Beale Street Music Festival, International Week, The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest and much, much more! We tried to create a "scratch and sniff" graphic so that you could smell the barbeque from our web site but couldn't get it to work on a properly on a Macintosh! LOL Enjoy!

Hot Site for April 2001: - Everything PC. Here you will find a full index of all of the topics covered by The PC Guide. This index goes down to the level of specific topics on the site, and the links stay within the conventional frame structure of The PC Guide. PC knowledge for the beginners as well as IT professionals. This site will open in a new browser window since it is not "frames friendly".

Hot Site for March 2001: - Sit back, relax, and surf the Internet's premier collection of jokes, all submitted by users like you. At, you can bookmark, vote, and track unread jokes. Access to is absolutely free. Have you had your laugh today?

Hot Site for February 2001:
Tucows - The world's biggeset, best and fastest download site; Tucows has over 45,000 software titles for download including freeware, shareware, demos, screensavers, themes, games, music, kids, office, Java, and HTML for Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows 3x, Windows NT, Windows Me, Macintosh, Linux, PDAs, Unix and BeOS. Audio software, browsers and accessories, communications software, connectivity software, e-mail tools, entertainment software, general tools, html tools, Internet software, multimedia software, network software, online services, security software, server software, and utilities.

Hot Site for January 2001:
DSL Reports - Want broadband? Got broadband? This site is a must for anyone connecting to the internet at high-speed or considering cable or DSL internet connections. You can check for availablity in your area, find providers, check prices and even read reviews on the providers. Tools are available to those already using broadband. Check out their speed tweaks! DSL Reports has earned our Three Snaps In A Circle award!

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