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Hot Site for June 2006:
Mobile Magazine - Prototype car runs 100 miles on four ounces of water as fuel! A good story to follow! Let's see what happens to this one; since it has already attracted the attention of an unnamed American automaker. Been there, seen it happen before and betting that the technology disappears again. Fact, fiction ... you decide.

Hot Site for May 2006:
Welcome to the world of video blogs - VlogMap Community. VlogMap is proud to present a new site for the video blogging community. The recent Wired Magazine article pushed the launch date of VlogMap up one month. We believe they are ready! Click here to learn more about vlogs.

Hot Site for April 2006:
Castle Cops - Fried Phish - A global phishing termination operation sponsored by CastleCops and Sunbelt Software, the volunteer PIRT Squad is comprised of folks who report phish, investigate phish, and actively work on phish takedown and termination (original concept by Robin Laudanski). Become a PIRT Squad terminator by reporting phish today! What is phishing? READ ME!

Hot Site for February / March 2006:
Daily Kos: State of the Nation - Bush to veto efforts to stop UAE port deal - It's a really hot topic so liberals and conservatives need to forget about politics and concentrate on what is the best for the citizens. Agree, disagree? Let your thoughts be known on Goggle's most popular blog on the UAE port deal. I am sure Betty Tibbs would say, "Something big is going to happen!"

Hot Site for January 2006:
The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them) - We have been following this story and others concerning Chinese hackers and their intrusions into our systems for months. Shawn Carpenter warned us about Titan Rain so, the next time you read articles concerning Chinese hackers stealing vital information, be sure to keep this article in mind. We just wanted to make sure you know where and when it all started. Recent News: Chinese suspected of attempted Parliament hack

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