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Computer Hardware
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Hardware Looking for a new system? Wanting to upgrade your hardware? It pays to shop around before making a final decision. This area will provide you with links to hardware manufacturers as well as places to get the scoop on the latest systems and reviews. We prefer to build our own computers so you may find more than expected.

Computer Software
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Software and Downloads Recommended software for today's computing needs can be found in this area. Links to Microsoft are provided so that you may upgrade your browser and get the latest and greatest upgrade to your Windows operating system. Maybe when the next version of Windows arrives we will not have to constantly patch the operating system we already paid for (We are really tired of being free beta testers for Microsoft). Click on the disk to view the latest "must have" programs. Microsoft and beyond .....

Website Publishing
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Click here for help with web page publishing. Web page publishing help for those interested in creating their own page or web site is provided in this section. The Site For Sore Eyes was written using a plain text editor found in Windows however; some may prefer using a WYSIWYG editor. Either way, here is a list of helpful sites to assist you in creating your own website. Some of these sites can give you a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes as well as provide you with some scripts, templates, hosting options and more. Click on the graphic to learn more about web page publishing.

Website Graphics
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Graphics for your web page. Graphics galore! When you start creating your own webpages, you may wish to add some graphics for a more pleasing look. Here you will find graphics to download and use as well as programs to create your own website graphics. Most of the graphics you see at this site was created using a few inexpensive programs which you can download and try before you buy. It is not as hard as you think to personalize you pages with graphics. Click the spider to see more.

Internet Search Engines
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Click here for an in depth view. Search engines and web site promotion. Whether you are looking or want to be seen, this is the place to be. Find anything fast using one or more of our recommended search engines or submit your web page so that you may be included in the results of searches. SEO tips and tricks are offered here as well. A world of information is just a click away so click on the magnifying glass for a more in depth view of the world wide web.

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