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Mr. Clean

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PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2010 1:09 am    Post subject: Fiber Menace Reply with quote


Conclusion: So what is so menacing about fiber?

Nothing, if you are lucky enough to sell it...

At this point the following question may be nagging your mind:

— Why, then, Mr. Monastyrsky, despite all of this damning evidence, is fiber still being promoted and praised from all quarters as if it is manna from heaven?

[Brief soundtrack of the Money song from the Cabaret musical]

That's the answer to your question!

You see, making cereals from wheat bran - a traditional, cattle feed — is just as profitable as printing paper money...

Turning chicken feed from India into Metamucil and selling it for ten-fifteen bucks a bottle beats selling dope, and it's absolutely legal to boot.

Finally, the more people get sick from fiber, the more money will be made on tests, drugs, surgeries, and hospital stays…

In other words, business as usual…

Well, these were all true facts about fiber's purported health benefits! And I hope you've noticed that my analyses were based entirely on mainstream sources of medical information, nothing from the fringes, not a bit.

You'll find plenty more equally disturbing facts from similar sources in my book and on my site, so I hope you'll study both, and reduce your consumption of processed and supplemental fiber accordingly.

Rest assured, I am not on a crusade to kill off all traces of fiber in favor of another extreme. In fact, the very first chapter of Fiber Menace opens with the following sentence [link]:

“If you consume minor quantities of fiber from natural, unprocessed food, there isn't anything wrong with it…”

My beef, as I said, is with too much processed fiber and the resulting digestive, metabolic, and cardiovascular disorders.

So if anyone tells you, that my book or my recommendations are extreme or not mainstream, it's a lie...

And consider this undeniable fact: The people of Japan enjoy the highest longevity in the world. And guess what? The traditional Japanese diet - based around fish, sea food, and white rice - is practically fiber-free…

Finally, never forget - kids don't choose their foods, parents do! So, please, choose wisely, because fiber harms young children much, much more than adults, and the damage is oftentimes irreversible.

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