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Sore Eyes Discussions
Kramers Korner: Passing Time
Are massages supposed to feel good?
Author Thread

Registered: Jan 2005
Total Posts: 798
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Posted Monday, April 17, 2006 @ 21:53

Just wondering if anyone here ever got a massage. Not a scalp massage but a regular full body massage. A friend of mine at the Post Office gave me one of these discount coupons for a free massage at one of these health and beauty places where I live. He said he went there many times for stress and said the massages were fantastic and all the women that worked there were hot.

Being a man and never having a massage in my life before I thought what the hell. So today, here I am at this place and there was alot of hot women that worked there. So they tell me to take off all my clothes and only wear a towel and lay flat on my stomach in this private room.

All I kept thinking of was those old Johnny Carson reruns where those two Asian women were walking on Johnny's back. I was hoping the same thing would happen to me.

Anyway, what pissed me off was as I was lying there half naked and nervous as hell, some fucking guy gave me a massage. I was pissed but I didn't say anything as I was in shock and it happened so quickly. To make matters even worse, it actually felt kind of good and now I am questioning my own sexuality now.

I just got done making love to my girlfriend about an hour ago and I feel better again but I am hoping some of you can answer this honestly. Did you ever get a massage by a man and did you like it or hate it. I will never ever go back there again believe me. I am even thinking of filing a lawsuit against them for sexual harrassment.

I am so mad and confused right now. I am going to punch that guy who gave me the damn coupon tomorrow when I see him. This was probably some sick joke knowing him. I am so angry right now.

Please anybody who's had a similar experience please tell me this is normal for me to feel this way.


Registered: May 2005
Total Posts: 254
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Posted Friday, April 21, 2006 @ 21:21

well, the massages i used to go for were "deep tissue" massages, to work out the stiffness in the muscles for healing etc. It doesn't exactly feel good, it usually hurts, more than anything.

"Massage therapy" is what its called, as opposed to a "feel good" rub downs or whatever that a masseuse might perform, but what do i know.

I was stuck with a man once and i found him a bit creepy, so i stayed with large Marge instead. She had the strength of ten men, havn't been for a couple years, tho, i think she was starting to like me.



Registered: May 2002
Total Posts: 607
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Posted Wednesday, April 26, 2006 @ 22:58

Have you ever tried the electro-shock treatments?

I prefer the "Marges" as well.. LOL .. Small, large .. either works for me.

[Edit by LarryMiller on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 @ 23:13]


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