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Sore Eyes Discussions
Help: Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to register?
How can I change my registration profile?
What do I do if I lost my password?
Can I edit my own posts?
Can I attach files?
Can I add a standard signature to my posts?
What is a forum?
What is a thread?
What is a subscription?
How can I keep track of new messages?
Why do some thread show icon when others show ?
How do I use emoticons?
How do I use HTML to my messages?

Do I have to register?
Registration is required if you plan to post new topics or reply to existing topics. Registration is free, and you are not required to post your real name. You are required to post your actual email address, but fear not, we will keep your email address private. Other users will not know your real email address.

How can I change my registration profile?
You may easily change any information stored in your registration profile, using the "User CP" button located near the top of each page.

What do I do if I lost my password?
Retrieving your password is simple. All of the pages that require you to identify yourself with your username and password carry a "forget your password?" link that you can use to have your username and password emailed instantly to your email address of record.

Can I edit my own posts?
You may edit or delete your own posts at any time. Look for the edit icon on the post to be edited. No one else can edit your post, except for the forum moderator(s) or the message board administrators. A note is generated at the bottom of each post that is edited so that every one knows when a post has been edited.

Can I attach files?
For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. You may cut and paste text into your post, however, or use CuteCode to provide hyperlinks to outside documents.

Can I add a standard signature to my posts?
You may use a signature on your posts. You may set your signature in your member profile. Once you have a signature stored, you can choose to include it with any post you make by checking the "include signature" box when you create your post. You may change your signature at any time by changing your profile.

What is a forum?
A forum is where the discussions on related topics take place. Think of the forum as the main category. When you enter a forum, you will see the listing of topics ( or sub categories ). Newer topics are listed first. Within the topics, you will see the discussion threads.

What is a discussion thread?
A thread is another word for the replys to the original topic ( or sub category ) in the order received. Each thread contains one original message and all replies to that message. Newest entries will be listed last in the thread.

What is a subscription?
Subscription is a feature that lets registered users periodically receive email notification of new messages (replies). If you want to be notified via email whenever there is a reply to your post, just check the "email notification" box when you create the message. Whenever there is a reply to your post, you will be automatically emailed with a link to the thread addition. The email will also provide a link to un-subscribe from the thread should you choose to no longer receive notifications concerning the specific thread.

How can I keep track of new messages?
After finish reading messages in a forum, simply click on the "Mark all posts as read" (located on the Sore Eyes Message Boards home page) and that's it. The next time you visit this site, all forums and topics containing unread messages will show image next to them.

Why do some thread show icon when others show ?
Those threads with icons are closed threads, meaning that they are read-only.

How do I use emoticons?
To use emoticons in messages to show feelings. You can type certain characters in the input form that are converted to graphic images, called emoticons, once they are sent. The following emoticons are currently supported:

Type Meaning Graphic
:) smile
:( frown
:p stick out tongue
;) wink
:rolleyes: roll eyes
:mad: mad
:o embarrasment
:eek: eek!
:cool: cool
:confused: confused
:D big grin
:D not sure
:D ooh
:D upside down
:cheesy: cheesy
:blush: blush
:boggle: boggle
:dead: dead
:dep: dep
:huh: huh
:sick: sick
:tired: tired
:worry: worry
:urgh: urgh
:baa: baa
:bun: bun
:sleep: sleep
:soppy: soppy
:stress: stress
:ginger: ginger
:robin: robin
:worm: worm
:candy: candy
:sweet: sweet
:alien: alien
:moo: moo
:welcome: welcome
:blackeye: Black Eye
:lucky: Lucky
:clown: Clowning Around
HIOOC Help, I Am Out Of Coffee
:dance: Dancing or Drunk
:pumpkin: Pumpkin or Halloween
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
:flag: USA Flag
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off
:> Devishish Grin
:hyper: Hyperactive

How do I use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) in my messages?
You can use CuteCode. CuteCode is similar to HTML, but offers just a few basic functions, such as hyperlinking, bolding, italicizing and image display (The maximum size allowed is 468 by 60 pixels and no larger than 14 KBytes!). All current CuteCode options are listed below:

URL Hyperlinking [url]http|https|ftp[/url]
Example Will Appear
[url=]Miller Arts[/url] Miller Arts
[url=]Microsoft Downloads[/url] Microsoft Downloads
Email Linking [email]email address[/email]
Example Will Appear
Color Text [color=#000000]text[/color]
Example Will Appear
[color=#ff0000]Red[/color] Alert Red Alert
Bold, Italics & Underline [b]text[/b] [i]text[/i] [u]text[/u]
Example Will Appear
am I [b]Bold[/b]? am I Bold?
yes [i]Italics[/i]! yes Italics!
that's funny [u]Underline[/u] :) that's funny Underline :)
Displaying Images [img]complete images url[/img]
Example Will Appear

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