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Web Design
by Miller Arts

Layout and Design
Fee = $250.00

Additional Pages
6 X $150.00

The cost for additional pages is greatly reduced since you only pay for the layout once.

Using this example, additional pages would be approximately $150.00 each.

Sub Total

Custom Programming
Logical Contact Form
8 Hrs. X $100.00


Quality Web Sites Made Simple
Example Design
It's our business to make your business busier. Miller Arts invites you to join the growing online community by providing you with the power to make your business known locally as well as world wide with quality and style.

We can create or redesign your web site and upload it to your web site hosting solution however, our services do not stop there.

What do we offer that they don't?

Printer Friendly Web Pages!

How many times have you visited a site and tried to print their content only to find that it does not fit on a 8.5 by 11.0 piece of paper without changing the default page setup?

Search Engine Friendly Web Pages!

We can use a program to produce your web pages in record time but will it be compliant with the Internet standards? Probably not! Our coding ensures that the search engines can view all of the content you have to offer!

WARNING: As your web site gains popularity with the search engines, "Search Engine Optimization Experts" will contact you, wanting you to pay for their services. They found you because you are already there! Ask how they found you. If you want to spend more cash, go ahead.

Custom Programming!

Some web site owners may not want a template design yet they want to have the ability to update their product catalog. Their solution? Miller Arts.

Some web site owners are not satisfied with the generic submission forms that are seen at most web sites. They need more logic added to the forms. Their solution? Miller Arts.

Custom Web Site Solutions!

Other designers like to use template designs so that they can create multiple sites quickly. We do not take this approach because we feel that your web site needs to be as unique as you are.

Some web sites need a template driven solution so that the site can be maintained by the user in a web based environment. If you need to take this route, we can help you with this as well. We can customize the templates to rid your site of the "canned look" and make it more unique.

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